13 years of success

ENS nursery schools are the bridgehead of our early childhood bilingualism project. This linguistic endeavour began in our nursery schools and it is with no false modesty that we can happily say that this environment provides superlative conditions for your child’s development.

All of our children easily handle the demands of a second language and by early childhood are already bilingual, by which we mean equally fluent in English and Russian.

But there is another undeniable quality to the type of environment that ENS provides, and that is not a linguistic one. It is the superb level of care and pastoral support that children receive. If you are looking for a superior nursery school for your child in the most simple sense of the word, then ENS provides just that. ENS nurseries are safe, comfortable, fun, and calm learning environments where your child will be under constant adult supervision, and where every morning will bring a new type of experience. For just over eleven years ENS has developed a model to provide some of the highest quality nursery school experiences in Moscow.

Young children feel completely at home in the ENS environment. They are surrounded by the warmth and care of experienced teachers, educators, speech therapists, psychologists and physicians who are responsible for their health and the complete process of language 'immersion'. Kids do not languish in inaction - they have a whole string of different classes and experience to grasp hold of throughout the day!

In 2014, we opened:
• 2 new complexes of ENS Nursery and Primary Schools
• ENS Nursery Novokhoroshevskiy
• ENS Nursery Onegino, Moscow region.

In 2015, we opened:
• ENS Nursery Karamyshevskaya.

ENS Nursery Schools offer you:
1. Fluency in English, as well as the opportunity to learn an additional foreign language by choice of the parents (French, Italian, etc.);
2. All-round development of your child, in accordance with European standards of education;
3. The experience and professionalism of our English teachers focusing their work on the individuality of each child;
4. Help of speech therapists and psychologists, specialists in child bilingualism;
5. A comfortable, cozy and safe learning environment with the possibility of naps and walks outside;
6. Sports clubs – chess, football, martial arts, gymnastics, yoga and swimming;
7. Studios for creativity – music, choreography, visual arts, piano, singing, performing arts;
8. Health services: doctor, nurse and physiotherapy;
9. Baby Club – pre-nursery under the guidance of experienced teachers.


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