English Baby Club is a place where your baby can thoroughly prepare for an ENS nursery, making their first small steps towards mastering English. For the past four years our English Baby Clubs have been working successfully as part of the ENS family and have enjoyed continuing popularity amongst both babies and parents.
What is English Baby Club?


Baby Club is a ‘complete immersion’ session appropriate for the age group, lasting 1.5 hours twice a week. In English Baby Club your baby will communicate with an English teacher, their assistant, their parent or nanny and also their peers, playing different learning games together.

Despite the ‘full schedule’ of our sessions, we do not let our babies overdo it either physically or mentally. We have specially created a session timetable that ensures the whole hour and a half period of time is divided into short 12-15 minute segments filled with fundamentally different activities. The sequence and duration of the activities follows a carefully designed schedule that relies on the natural characteristics and needs of your baby’s body and mind. The main principle here is that the classes are for the child to enjoy and relax in them, not for the child to "study".


Your baby will very quickly adapt to the environment of English Baby Club. Our atmosphere is extremely warm and friendly; with the presence of mummy or another loved one, a small number of other children in the group (no more than 12 at a time), plus the professional attention of an experienced teacher and an assistant, their attention is skillfully caught for the entire session. Our teachers are experts at this!

By the end of the ‘school’ year, which lasts eight months for English Baby Club, your child becomes very used to the warm and happy environment which consists of: Native English teachers and assistants Consistent English Regular activities specially designed by professionals for their age group A warm environment: space, furniture, educational toys, other games Your baby will very quickly adapt to the conditions for voluntary activity in this environment and develop the ability to move from one activity to another under the supervision of an adult - this is an important developmental step for children of this age group.

In English Baby Club your child will obtain the skill-set necessary for their successful adaption to ENS nursery schools, where they will at this point cease the need to have the constant presence of an adult monitoring their play and activities.
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English Baby Club will begin to be their home, and the teachers, assistants and peers will quickly become their friends. According to one of our mothers, whose son joined English Baby Club at the age of 1 year and 9 months, her son took just one month to learn the ropes, make new friends and quickly become familiar with all of the new Baby Club traditions. At home, he also became more active and enthusiastically cried out for his next visit to the Baby Club wanting to sing the English songs which are a big part of the Baby Club programme.

The sessions that English Baby Club uses have been developed from the educational principles of the British educational system and take into account all of the specifics of early years development.


Some of our games and learning techniques have been borrowed from the Montessori system, such as our educational games with water and big materials. In our other games we like to develop the use of baby’s fingers and hands, so we play lots of games with small objects such as sand, pasta and beans. We use a wide variety of teaching materials, many of which we have acquired from the UK, as well as, if necessary, British movies, videos, and cartoons for children of this age group. What has proved especially popular amongst the youngest members of our English Baby Club is the animated series 'Bob the Builder’. The sessions we run are changed regularly to ensure that our children never get bored! If they learn about animals in one lesson, then in the next they learn about seasons of the year in the next, and fruits and vegetables the one after. In English Baby Club your child will learn the most simple and important skills - patience, ability to concentrate, social interaction with other children and adults - and of course all in English! By the end of our 1.5 hour sessions your child is not overwhelmed but is pleasantly content with their learning experience and often cannot resist the chance to take a little nap to absorb it all.

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The composition of our session groups:


Each group consists of 10-12 children plus their carers (compulsory). This is the optimal size for this age group. Sometime we might divide into 2 subgroups of younger and older children; a younger group of 1.5-2 years and an older group of 2-2.5 years. When we divide the groups we run two different session schedules as there can be quite a different level of capability based on development relating to motor skills etc.
English Baby Club is quite different from ENS nursery schools for two main reasons:

  • The obligatory presence in the classroom of the child’s parent or loved one;
  • The Baby Club schedule of twice a week for 1.5 hours at a time.

Parents and carers of the children understand how important it is to work with the rules of the sessions for these reasons; Firstly, they help the teacher to conduct the session dynamically and effectively for the benefit of all of the children in the class by helping their child concentrate on the particular activity in hand. Secondly, they know that children definitely feel much more confident and relaxed with their loved ones next to them, supporting them in their activities. Thirdly, and this is an important task for ENS, working with the family. We think we should work not only with our children but also with their parents, loved ones and carers - all learning together. We like to work with parents to teach them how to effectively deal and communicate with their children. In English Baby Club our parents are a big part of the session and certainly do not sit on a bench and watch!

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The sessions at Baby Club,as in ENS nursery are run by a professional English teacher and their assistant which helps prepare your child for the next stage of their development in our system.

It is highly likely that the teacher that they had at English Baby Club will be with them at the next stage of their learning journey with us. They will already be familiar with our teachers when they join ENS nursery and this will enable an extremely smooth transition as they will immediately recognise their friends.

Our dear parents and children - English Baby Club is a special place for the whole family!


13 years of success

6 branches in Moscow and the Moscow suburbs

Qualified British teachers

Our teachers are highly skilled and experienced educators

Comprehensive child development

music, sports, arts, communication

Fluency in English

Bilinguism from early childhood

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