Charity with ENS

“Helping orphaned children and taking part in their life, giving them hope for a full and happy life, we contribute to our common goal and towards our future.

We consider this help our human and social duty and we are so glad that ENS parents share our belief in its’ importance and actively participate in it. It is in doing this honourable work that we find our inner self.”

Maria Nikolaeva
Director of English Nursery&Primary School


English Nursery&Primary School has been working with the charity To Children with Love since 2010. For this period of time we have organized lots of joint projects, aimed at the improvement of the living conditions of children in orphanages, development of their creative, sports and intellectual abilities, and support in their adult life outside of the orphanages.

On a regular basis we help four orphanages, in the Bryansk region: Zhukovskiy orphanages, Karachevskiy baby orphanage and Klintsovskiy orphanage. We organize charitable events several times a year. Some of them – ‘Christmas’, ‘School Bag’, ‘Leavers’ - have become annual, other events we plan according to particular needs of the children – art festivals, competitions, which motivate them to work towards achievements, developing the libraries and play spaces (including building of playgrounds), birthday presents, renovating the children's bedrooms, purchasing necessary furniture and many others.

ENS parents take part in the joint projects of To Children with Love but it is our school staff who make sure that the organizational and financial sides of every project are at the best level. Our parents’ trust in this charity project is based on the very good reputation of ENS as an educational institution. The deputies of all ENS nurseries and schools give a full report to the parents about every single event.

We have overheard the cherished dreams of the children – to go to the sea in the summer – so now it has become our dream as well! Several years ago we gave such a trip to the children and it became one of the brightest and most exciting events in their life! These children have already left the orphanage, entered colleges and vocational schools but they still remember that unforgettable and amazing experience. Now we are looking for an opportunity to arrange such a trip for the children, who have never seen the sea and can only dream about it.

In an orphanage life does not stand still, there are always things to help with. We appeal to everyone who have any means to help – let's make these children's life more comfortable and happier! You can find out about the current needs of the orphanages and discuss any questions, connected with charitable help, by contacting us via e-mail or by phone +7 (495) 989 65 57.





On December, 11th, English Nursery and Primary School and Charity "To Children with Love" held Family Christmas Fair in The Ritz-Carlton Hotel to support a charity initiative "Sweet Dreams"*.
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The circus atelier "3 Oranges" directed by Inga Lozovaya arranged an experimental workshop for the children, where they could try out different circus props and even risk a little doing acrobatics under the supervision of the experienced adults.
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On May, 23rd 9-grade students of Zhukovka boarding school in Bryansk region were in good looks, well-dressed and with red bands across their shoulders.
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On 20th February, as part of the charity project 'The Home I Live In', a group of designers, volunteers and employees of the charity 'To Children with Love' went to Zhukovskaya orphanage-school in the Bryansk region.
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Charity Christmas White Ball!

An incredibly beautiful, magical and very important Christmas White Ball took place On Sunday, December, 6th. It was organized jointly with English Nursery & Primary School and Charity Fund "To Children with Love".
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How the sea appeared in the city. ENS and "To Children With Love" charity festival.

On June, 6th "To Children with Love" Charity fund, English Nursery and Primary School and Renaissance Moscow Monarch Hotel decided to organize a sea adventure - charity festival called "Sea in the City".
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Лето на Море, а не в Детском доме!

5 июня 2015 года веселое индейское племя из Сельцовской школы-интерната высадилось из автобуса на берегу Черного Моря! Побережье Благовещенской Косы Анапского района засветилось от радостных глаз, улетающих в небо воздушных змеев, соленых морских брызг и всеобщего веселья. Индейский лагерь начался!
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Fairytale in the Orphanage

On December, 13th and 14th New Year miracles turned our dear orphanages in Seltso and Zhukovka into a real fairytale forest! A team of fairytale creatures from ENS together with Grandfather Frost and his granddaughter Snegurochka did a wonderful performance for the children, arranged a fantastic quest and being convinced that the children deserved the presents of their dream, handed the wrapped parcels in to each child.
The children from Seltsovskiy orphanage prepared an unusual New Year concert – this year the teenagers decided to surprise their guests and produced wonderful breakdance. The little ones recited funny cheeky rhymes and showed a sailors dance. The older girls performed a Japanese style dance J-pop, and younger ones showed a folklore dance and a dance of love to mothers. When it was time to give the presents, it turned out that they had been stolen by the evil spirit and only love, cuddles and forgiving of the marsh people made Baba-Yaga emotional and made her give back the colourful parcels. Every child got exactly the present he/she was asking Grandfather Frost thanks to ENS parents: toys, bicycles, rollerblades and skates, sports kit of their favourite club for the boys and beautiful dresses for the girls.


New Year in Klintsy orphanage

6 декабря we opened a Christmas marathon of New Year miracles in our dear orphanages. The small children from correctional Klintsy special orphanage were the first to get wonderful presents. Luxoft company with the help of ENS and charity «To Children with Love» presented to the children in the orphanage developmental games, soft toys, smart robots, fancy dresses, books and bright and warm puff coats and shoes. The celebration was kind and very sincere thanks to sensitivity and professionalism of the teachers. Most children have mental retardation and other problems, despite of which the children grow and develop on the atmosphere of love and care, they are very open and warm! We are saying goodbye just for a little while because soon we will come to visit them again and will continue helping the management of the orphanage to create good conditions for their balanced growth and development.

Preparing for the winter

November, 15th the orphaned children and the caring stuff of «To Children with Love» went shopping to buy warm winter clothes and shoes. The children spend most of the time on the territory of the orphanage and value every opportunity to get out of its walls, especially when it comes to choosing warm, soft and cozy clothes. We are very grateful to all the parents who took part and donated some clothes and gave money to buy warm clothes for the children.


Children Library

On October, 24th Director of English Nursery&Primary School was celebrating her birthday. As a present Maria Yurievna asked for … big children encyclopedias! That is how we got a real library with 78 beautiful illustrated encyclopedias, which we sent to the orphanages of the Bryansk region. Bright geography atlases, biology, history, art, maths encyclopedias, new editions about oceans, space and unique nature phenomena really excited the children! They immediately got absorbed in studying these new bright books and we sincerely hope that our present will not only have a well-deserved place in the orphanage libraries but will also become an important resource in the children's search of knowledge about everything around them.

«HandMade Fest» in the orphanage

On October, 11th our first HandMade Fest took place. It turned out to be lively and joyful, sunny and very diverse: 120 children from 4 orphanages, 9 areas with workshops, live music, sports games, dancing and endless joy of creative activities. The children especially liked the breakdance class and percussion, working with clay on the potter's wheel, capoeira class and tightrope walking. The chefs of ENS taught them to cook quesadilla and chocolate cakes, which were eaten with great delight right after the class. Musical jam-improvisation with professional jazz musicians and our small orphaned children grew into an open-air concert and became a wonderful ending of this eventful creative day.


Soft sofas

On September, 5th the children in Seltso and Karachev orphanages discovered with great delight big and comfy sofas in their living rooms. We know that we are incapable of realizing the most cherished children dream – to have a loving family, however, we do everything possible to make their life in the orphanage brighter and happier! Soft and colourful furniture is what exactly needed to make the atmosphere, where the children live, warmer and cozier.

School Bag

On September, 1st we set off to Seltsovskiy and Zhukovskiy orphanages to congratulate the children on the beginning of the school year and to give them new and bright school bags and stationery. It was very important for the children to have new and beautiful copybooks, pens and colouring pens because it encourages them for educational process, promotes a careful attitude to books and materials for arts and crafts. We sincerely hope that studying will become more fun from now on.


Baby Bazaar

On August, 30th we had a charitable «Baby Bazaar» at design-factory FLACON as a part of festival «Clean hard. Love hard». ENS together with charity «To Children with Love» collected 16 000 rubles. With the help of this money we have bought special materials for arts and crafts and birthday presents for those children in our orphanages, who were born in September.

Who we help

Zhukovskiy school-orphanage

There are 56 children in Zhukovka orphanage in the Bryansk region, aged from 4 to 15. In spite of a sad life story of each child, the absence of a loving family, they are very lucky with sincere and caring teachers and child minders. Everybody, who works in the orphanage, starting with Director and ending with the cooks, are truly devoted to this important and complex process, which includes upbringing, educating and all-round development of the children.

The children live in small groups, each of which has its own minder, a separate bedroom and a playroom. It is done on purpose to create the environment, which at least remotely imitates a family, and to give them some personal space. So far, together with the Charity we have helped the orphanage to make the rooms more comfortable and cozier for living, however, the classrooms require renovation.

Find out more about Zhukovskiy school-orphanage
Karachevskiy Orphanage

There are 63 little ones, aged up to 4, living in Karachevskiy Orphanage. The majority of them have developmental problems, among which is Down's syndrome, autism, mental and physical retardation. All the kids have specialized treatment, doctors, psychologists and carers take care of them and do all their best for these children, who were rejected by their parents.

The caring hands of the head doctor in Karachev orphanage, whose name is Vera Aleksandrovna, have done so much to create good conditions for growth and development of these little ones.

The children from this orphanage have a difficult fate; they are not like other, healthy children, who have loving parents. Unfortunately, we cannot give them what every orphaned child dreams about – a real family, but it is in our hands to make their life more comfortable and cheerful!

Find out more about Karachevskiy orphanage
Klintsovskiy Special Orphanage

The orphanage was created in 1944 for the orphans of army officers. Now it is a special orphanage – there are 36 girls and boys, aged from 4 to 9, with developmental problems. The majority of these little children do not have parents, however, there are social orphans as well – these are children, whose parents do not manage to look after them properly. Mental retardation is a diagnosis of almost all the kids. They are fated for a difficult life; some of them have intelligence, but have problems with small motor skills or speech functions.

Director of the orphanage Volzhinskaya Galina Vasilyevna together with a team of professionals (a psychologist, a speech therapist, an art teacher, teachers and doctors) do everything possible to help the children develop, experience the world, take pleasure in games and communication with adults.

The main difficulty, which the management of the orphanage face, is remoteness from big towns: they rarely get any help and very few people visit the children. They really need a sensor room to play and develop their psychological functions, as well as toys, warm clothes, and of course, love and care of adults.

Find out more about Klintsovskiy orphanage

Debbie adopted a seven-year-old Russian girl Zina. She took her from the Russian orphanage to her family in Ireland (she also had a seven-year-old daughter Sophie and a three-year-old son Mike). She was hosting Zina in her family in the context of a charitable initiative of the Bryansk region. «Before I started doing charity work, I was a mother and a housewife, - says this friendly Irishwoman, literally radiating warmth and kindness, - I took Zina from the orphanage to my family, but after I saw the conditions there decided never to give her back again. I just left her in my family and then adopted. As for the other children in the orphanage, I promised myself not to leave them as well».

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