Comprehensive child development

If you ask any parent how they would like to see their child both now and in the future, nearly all parents, without hesitation, will answer - happy, healthy and successful.

However, how you manifest these key attributes of emotional and physical well-being in your child may hold different answers for different parents.

In our view, it is important to not only give your child an education but to develop them so that they have a deep and flexible mind, one that can easily and comfortably navigate the sea of information they face. They require inner strength, both mental and physical, and inner freedom, sociability, ability to deal with pressure, work alone, and be capable of both cooperation with and tolerance of others. It is vital to create these conditions in a child, to develop their capacity to love and determine they own creative ability and internal capacity. It is this that is key to their present and future happiness and success, and to their self-esteem and self-confidence.

ENS Nursery and Primary Schools teach English, but that does not mean at all that children devote all their time to leaning English and developing their vocabulary alone, On the contrary, by ‘living’ English it becomes an integral part of their life and the learning environment and their study and personal time is free from tedious homework or language classes. Our children are free to spend their time developing their personal and creative abilities in everything else that develops their character - science, arts, sports, free thinking - and as such they eventually and capably find it is what they enjoy the most in life.

We must point out that it is the British curriculum that we have built the ENS educational and language learning system upon. The priority of the British programme is a holistic approach to the care and education of children, their harmonious relationship with people and the world as a whole, their self-esteem and self-confidence takes precedence, independence and a sense of collective capacity for self-development and self-learning. It is a particularly strong point of the British system that they pay such great attention to personality development: intellectual, creative, social, emotional and physical. In the UK, unlike Russia, the programme includes a large amount of content from sports disciplines and humanities subjects such as music, acting, design and art.

It might be hard to believe today, but the word ‘school’ comes from the Greek root meaning leisure. At ENS our additional classes for children's entertainment and the continuation of their studies are very diverse and include: chess, gymnastics, martial arts, soccer, swimming, yoga, acting, choreography, piano, singing, fine arts, science, French, etc. The list can be also extended at the request of our pupils and their parents.


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