Christmas concerts at ENS

Christmas is coming! And the signs of this wonderful event are everywhere...





...Including ENS Dobrinya. The whole pre-Christmas week was full of festive cares and events. And this means that our children with their teachers did what they love more than anything in the world – decorated Christmas trees (adults also took part in it with great pleasure!), created hand-made Christmas decorations and garlands, made presents-surprises for their parents and Santa, decorated everything that could possibly be decorated around. And suddenly everything began to sparkle!

But the real climax of the festive week became Christmas concerts. The concert theme of the Nursery group was "Nativity". The little ones were singing magic Christmas songs 'Star', 'Dancing About in the Straw', 'Away in a Manger'. Besides they demonstrated how they had learnt to dance for half a year and danced a Toy dance and a Christmas dance. And the final song 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas' they performed very loudly so that Santa Claus could hear them properly! And of course, their parents supported them with this song! Santa Claus arrived with a big amount of presents. He talked with each child humorously, put on his lap, had his photo taken and gave a present! The children were so happy that their mums and dads were excited, mischievous, were singing, dancing together with them. And it is difficult to describe how happy were the parents themselves!

Reception group children together with their teachers wrote a script «New Year in a Toy Shop». There were real craftsmen, who created toys, and customers, who wanted to find the one and only their toy, and there were also toys, which came to life at Christmas night, and elves, who brought Christmas to the toy shop! It was a real play with characters! The children sang such songs as 'Holly Jolly Christmas', 'Old Toy Trains', 'Jingle Bells', 'Merry Christmas Everyone', 'We wish you a Merry Christmas' and danced a Toy and Snowflakes dances. For the traditional Family Fun together with their music teacher Miss Asya they prepared a special Christmas Orchestra performance and accompanied the magical musical piece by P.I. Tchaikovsky "Nutcracker". It was a family, cozy, warm celebration! We congratulate you all on Christmas and New Year!

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