Pajama party at ENS Novokhoroshevskiy

Long-awaited party finally has happened.






In the frosty morning of January 27th our happy children came to school dressed in… fancy pajamas and slippers. After the porridge was quickly eaten, the children settled cozily in their classrooms and and started demonstrating each other the toys they sleep with. Teddy bears, dolls, colorful rabbits and even transformers got to know each other. Along with the teachers the kids made tiny beds and tucked their toys in.

Children also brought books from their home library and listened to their favorite stories that their parents usually read to them at bedtime. And, of course, no pajama party goes without pillow fight: shouting loudly and confidently waving around with the pillows, children turned this day into a real celebration which at the end was concluded by watching favorite cartoons.

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