Spring concert for Moms!

15 марта прошел весенний концерт для мам.






The kids came early in the mornin, held by hand by their mothers and quickly changed their clothes so that they could have time to play with moms and teachers. The fresh bakery aroma prepared by our chef who daily cooks delicious and healthy meals lured everyone reminding it was time to grab a bite before the concert. Over the morning coffee Miss Lana, our music teacher, told the mothers about the routines of group music classes and additional individual vocal and piano classes.

At a set time the doors to the hall were opened and the adults got absorbed in the festive atmosphere, singing along with boys and girls, clapping their hands to the rhythm and playing with the kids. After the concert mothers had to face a challenging task – to identify their portrait, each accompanied by a prompting note written by each child in English on a topic “Why I love my mom”. The mothers had to observe closely the face features on the portraits, read the motes and going with their intuition choose the appropriate portrait! Everyone had lots of fun when mothers asked their kids for help and gently hugged them when they saw the personal gift in their hands.

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