A Tour to Solaris cosmic station

In March ENS students visited ARTPLAY Design Center, where they had a chance to try cosmic attractions and see fascinating interactive space shows.




Within the frame of “Inventors and Inventions” topic study ENS Mosfilm Year 2 group and ENS Karamyshevskaya ESL and Year 1 groups took a tour to Solaris on the >strong>22nd and 28th of March appropriately. Solaris is an interactive cosmic zone, a place where children could closely study the space and have first-hand knowledge of some of its peculiarities. Children tried various fascinating activities, such as sending drawn animals to an unreal planet, discovering through the Marcinator how their voices would sound on Mars, creating volcano-like fire and becoming the masters of lightning with the help of Tesla’s generator. After examining the space-related installations everyone faced real challenges, the black hole and mirror labyrinth, but everyone from our ENS team got through them with excellence!

ESL and Year 1 ENS Karamyshevskaya:

Year 2, ENS Mosfilm:

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