A tour to the Zoo

ENS Karamyshevskaya pupils’ spring walking tour






On the6th of Februaryour Reception class and Russian group set off to meet animals from the warm countries. As the weather was quite windy, the children wrapped themselves up in layers and put high visibility vests and joyfully discussing the upcoming tour headed from the school to the Moscow Zoo.

On our way through the vast territory of the park we met all kinds of animals: meerkats, ostriches, giraffes, zebras, pelicans, mandarin ducks, various insects and even saw an over 100-year-old crocodile. The children curiously observed the animals and asked questions about their alimentation, regime and maintenance and performed some tasks. Spring has finally arrived to the city proved by awake meerkats, whose time of awakening depends on the temperature of the environment. In case it rains, the visitors can observe white bears, orangutans, gorillas, white tiger and other animals online as the zoo has installed web-cameras in the cages.

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