Qualified British teachers

Our British teachers, tutors and assistants are our main asset and a great source of pride for ENS. It is their teamwork that creates the true 'immersion environment’ in all of our English schools and nurseries.

The selection process for our leading teachers and assistants is probably as lengthy and extensive as for astronauts on the International Space Centre!

Within the structure of ENS we also have our 'Bonne International' agency, established in 2002, which specifically helps to oversee the selection of highly experienced and qualified teachers and educators in schools and families. This is our key advantage over any other language schools. Over the years we have formulated strict selection criteria, both professional and psychological. This is reflected in our unique testing programmes that have been carefully developed by British psychologists in collaboration with Russian scientists from the lab of Human Technology at Moscow State University’s Faculty of Psychology. Candidates have to undergo several tests: interviews with the agency staff, testing with methodologists and psychologists, and finally extensive qualification and reference checking. After that, if teachers meet all of our necessary requirements they then undergo a number of trial days in ENS. Our team carefully examine how new teachers conduct lessons and interact with children. Only after successfully passing this final interview stage will we then invite new teachers to join our team.

Our teachers are highly skilled and experienced educators.

Our teachers assistants all have teaching, psychology, and linguistic qualifications and all have experience of working with young children. Most also usually have qualifications in teaching English as a foreign language. Not every native speaker of English is able to teach children the kind of English required for the highest standards of international communication and that is understandable everywhere across Great Britain and indeed the world. We can certainly vouch for our teachers!

According to the 'culture of speech', the richness, expressiveness, precision and purity in which you speak a language enables those who you communicate with to easily determine your educational and social status. This is true for the Russian language, and also for English. Our teachers know and love their work, and they all have had considerable experience in the profession. They are all creative, fun and charming people with a wide range of interests and hobbies outside of work. With this team the learning never stops!


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