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The whole team, which consists of a food technologist, nutritionist, chef, cooks and their assistants, work on the planning of children's meals in English Nursery & Primary School. All of them, together with the teachers, pay great attention not only to the quality of the children's diet but also its culture. We would like our children to get good eating habits from their very earliest childhood.

Special principles of a healthy diet at ENS:

  • Careful selection of products according to quality and safety criteria, including applying nitrate testers and dosimeters. ENS suppliers present us the whole set of documents for their produce.
  • Correct technology for cooking food using a German Combi Steamer Rational – a first rate professional cooking appliance.
  • Our own menu, expertly worked out and compliant with all the standards of Health Inspection Services. It is varied, balanced and attractive, as the aesthetic qualities of any dish are directly linked to appetite. On our menu there is always fresh fruit, vegetables and dairy products. Its main advantage is the absence of artificial ingredients: preservatives, packaged juice, food supplements and fats. Berry juices, compotes and jams are all made in-house.
  • Seasonal menu, which is constantly filled with new dishes, which our nutritionist develops, considering the needs of a child’s metabolism. It is important that ENS students get to know different cuisines of the world and enrich their «taste background» with benefit to their health.
  • «Separate nutrition» principle: fresh fruit is offered to children as a separate meal, during afternoon snack we concentrate on sour milk products, including cottage cheese (tvorog) and for lunch we always offer fresh and baked vegetables.
  • Home-made fruit baking, always made by our cooks. ENS teachers and cooks always check if children eat well and what dishes they especially like. The biggest reward for us is when some particularly fussy eater will finally get a taste for the menu and start eating well.


LUNCH 13:00
DINNER 18:00

We give a child time to get used to us. In the first week of attending the nursery newcomers sometimes reject food, as they need some time to adapt to a new environment. After getting used to the new environment, when they will feel more comfortable and confident, they will find it much easier to make this big and important step – to sit at the dining table with everybody and start eating without a parent.


We always eat together. It is very important for a child to be ready for having a meal physiologically, to follow a certain routine every day (to drink water, to go to the toilet, to wash hands): it gives children stability and facilitates digestion.


Our dishes are beautiful, simple and clear. For example: cauliflower, rice, a cutlet. It is important for children to understand what they are eating! They do not like elaborate ragout, strange sauces and many combinations of tastes.


We eat with the children. At every table there is a teacher or an assistant teacher, they eat the same dishes and show their personal example to children demonstrating their behaviour and enthusiasm (our male assistants eat very big portions!). We are convinced that it is necessary to cultivate good manners in childhood, so teachers watch children eat and if necessary correct them very carefully. We think that eating together is the time for pleasant communication, that is why the rule – «when I eat, I am deaf and mute» - does not work here.


We respect children and their right to choose. We give them small portions and believe that it is important for a child to make a decision about a second helping. It is so interesting to come up to the cook on your own and ask for more!


We cook deliciously. We do not use frozen ready-made food, supplements, taste improvers, pre-fried extras etc. We cook it the way children like it. Some vegetables children simply do not eat, for example, spinach. So we just make pureed soup from it and serve it with croutons. Who does not like crunching some tasty croutons?! And if, for example, you add small cubes of red pepper, yellow corn and green peas to ordinary rice, it will turn into a beautiful and healthy multi-coloured dish!


We gradually familiarise children with new dishes. Without making them eat up the whole portion, we show children how tasty it is with our own example, motivate them to try and praise them with all our heart for being courageous! The result is obvious – our children eat couscous, lentil soup, raw vegetables and a lot of other healthy dishes!


We use an «imitation mechanism», which is very developed with children. For example, a very fussy eater will be sat next to those who eat best of all and the effect will not be long in coming!


We believe that appetite must be worked up. Breakfast is eaten after a morning stretch, lunch – after a walk, afternoon snack – after some sleep and sports activities.

RULE №10

We do not feed children with biscuits and sweets in between meals. Try to follow these rules at home and you will see that your child will eat happily what you cook for them.

Responsible for dining at ENS


Svetlana Kuleshova


Svetlana Arenkova

Photos specialties

Zucchini pancakes
Pumpkin soup
Vegetable quiche
Pancakes served with berries

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