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A School Uniform at ENS
Why do we wear form?

A school uniform is the face of school, recognisably business style, a part of common rules for everybody. This attribute of an educational institution has the same importance as a slogan, an emblem or architecture. The uniform with a school emblem stylistically unites the educational environment, pupils and teachers as a single entity.

A uniform is also a very important element of school communication, interaction and of school brotherhood, a symbol of unity and equality of pupils in one friendly community. It encourages a feeling of pupil solidarity and pride for their academic institution, singles them out from thousands of other peers.

The unified standard in clothes is one of the most important external features of elite educational institutions. ENS primary school is mainly based on the British educational traditions, aimed at bringing up small ladies and gentlemen. Great Britain still has obligatory school uniform it was introduced in the XVI th century and is still popular like nowhere else in the world.

It is no coincidence that in Great Britain a uniform is worn even by children of very young pre-school age. For these children and primary school students it is especially attractive as children perceive it as a privilege, a symbol of a new academic status and a clear proof of the fact that they finally look a little bit like adults.

A uniform frees parents from the necessity to think about different outfits for school, which automatically cannot be spontaneous and should be smart, strict, comfortable, practical and seasonal. We at ENS pay great attention to creating our own distinctive uniform. We take into account that children will have to wear their uniform daily for 5 – 6 hours, that is why we have designed comfortable clothes from natural materials. Moreover the fact that a uniform is not their everyday outfit, will probably teach them to treat it and their other clothes carefully.

ENS students express their individuality with the help of their achievements, success and personal development. The academic programme is aimed at opening the creative potential of each of them: in the ENS theatre or choreographic studio they change their clothes, personality, look for and find their style and even become designers themselves.

By taking questions of social status, race, national and cultural differences along with taste preferences out of the equation, our uniform helps children relax, feel more confident and concentrate on what the school is for i.e. studies, socialisation, sport, development and art.

Let our students' outward appearance work not for their separation but for building up their own community!

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