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13 years of success

6 branches in Moscow and the Moscow suburbs

Qualified British teachers

Our teachers are highly skilled and experienced educators

Comprehensive child development

music, sports, arts, communication

Fluency in English

Bilinguism from early childhood

ENS Obrucheva


Our branches:
ENS Obrucheva

ENS Obrucheva was founded in 2004. ENS Obrucheva was the first branch of ENS. Since 2004 we have already had over 120 graduates, most of whom are now are studying in international schools in Moscow and even abroad.

ENS Obrucheva runs from 8:30 to 17:00 from Monday to Friday

ENS Obrucheva invites all children aged 3 to 6 years for English language ‘immersion'.


The programme takes into account the nuances of the age, so the children are taught in two age groups, each of which operates with a qualified teacher and their teaching assistants:

  • the Nursery group is for children of 3-4.5 years
  • the Reception group is for children of 4.5-6 years; for admission to this group basic knowledge of English is mandatory

For very young children (1.5 - 2.5 years old) we can offer our Baby Club programme which has been successfully working for 4 years now. Baby Club helps our future students adapt to the English language and to the school environment.

All teachers Staff

All teachers (37)
Extra curricular activities

We have a variety of individual developmental activities on offer for your child:


and group tutoring:

A comfortable learning and play environment

ENS Obrucheva has bright spacious and classrooms area of 100 sq.m. Our comfortable classrooms are equipped with safe and environmentally friendly children's furniture from well-known European manufacturers. All of our toys, educational and board games and children's books have been specially purchased in the UK. We have a variety of other special toys and games the children enjoy such as the ball pool and slide, which is one of the children’s favourite!

An environmentally friendly green area

ENS ENS Obrucheva is located in the south-western district of Moscow, one of its most environmentally friendly, and right next to a picturesque park area.

A high degree of safety

Security is tight in this strictly guarded residential complex State of the Diplomatic Corps at the Russian Foreign Ministry. There is also a 24 hour video surveillance system for all facilities.


Open day at ENS Obrucheva
This Spring Open Days have been organised at five ENS branches! Today, we would like to tell you about all the fun we had on the Open Day at ENS...
ENS Obrucheva visits the fire station
In April the children from ENS Obrucheva had a fascinating trip! Together with their teachers they set off for the fire station to see a fire engine...
In April and May we will be holding Open Days in our all six ENS branches! We invite you to visit this special event and have a fascinating trip to...
The most romantic holiday of the year is, of course, Valentine's Day! Although there is usually masses of snow outside in February, everyone’s heart...
Two weeks before the spring holiday the children started studying a very interesting subject! They were to get to know long tailed, sharp toothed,...
When the sun is shining so brightly outside, there is no doubt that Spring has come! But what few people realise is that it was the children at ENS...
On 14th February the opening of a new ENS branch will take place! Everyone is welcome to an enjoyable trip to the English educational and cultural...
The parents, teachers and specialists are interested in the constant exchange of experience and knowledge in regards to questions of children’s...
The bright, joyful and loud New Year celebrations are over. The long winter holiday has come to an end. The New Year has come and brought with it...
On 16th - 18th December Christmas was celebrated in all the ENS branches. Christmas is one the greatest celebrations of the year, and of course the...
On 1st September ENS Obrucheva opened its doors to our children, welcoming new children as well as children returning to us after their summer break...
We have reached the end of the academic year. Our teachers and completing their final lessons, as well as having individual meetings with parents for...
In our time of lightning speed technological advances, the book has inevitably come under the influence of modern technology, but it's principle has...
Last week in all the ENS branches we celebrated Easter. Traditionally, the event is celebrated in England by putting on brightly coloured clothes,...
Where we are:
English nursery school (ages 3-6)
Obrucheva Street, 4 bld 3
+7 (495) 936 7296

English Baby Club is for future students of ENS

For four years, our youngest children (1.5-3 years), have been very successfully been enjoying our English Baby Club, which helps future pupils to better adapt to the English language and ready them for entry to ENS Nursery.

  • Professional Teacher of Nursery group - Miss Hannah;
  • group of 8-10 children;
  • diverse children development programmes.

Tuesday and Thursday 17:15 till 18:45

  • 17:15–17:30 – Play Time
  • 17:30–17:45 – Learning Games
  • 17:45–18:00 – Art
  • 18:00–18:15 – Reading
  • 18:15–18:25 – Snack
  • 18:25-18:40 - Physical exercise
  • 18:40–18:45 – Music

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