Miss Christina

ESL class, Assistant Teacher


  • Moscow State University of Economics,
    Statistics and Informatics


  • English Language Teacher

My love of foreign languages started when I was at school. As well as the English language itself, we studied English literature and the history of Great Britain. In my spare time I studied dancing and music. After finishing my school education, I didn't have a doubt in my mind as to which professional I should choose.

In university I took part in academic conferences at a national and international level, which really helped my right my diploma and take my exams. While I was studying I volunteered, and am very happy about continuing doing good things at ENS. After completing my Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics I decided to take things further and study for 2 more years to compelte my masters degree.

In teaching I love the fact that I can bring to life all my creative ideas. I really like working with children, to see their achievements and to make new discoveries with them every day.

Miss Christina

Miss Christina
Miss Christina works in:
English nursery and primary school (ages 3-11)
Pyryeva Street, 10A
+7 (499) 147 17 39

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