Miss Karen

Year 1, Teacher


  • University of Durham, UK
  • Oxford Brookes University, UK


  • Bachelor of Arts in Modern European Languages (German and Russian)
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Primary Education (specialising in Early Years)

I was born in the south of England, not far from Oxford, and lived there with my parents and younger brother until I was 18. I was interested in languages from an early age, and before beginning university I spent a year in Germany, taking part in a work experience and training programme in a kindergarten.

The following year I began studying at the University of Durham, where I was able to learn another language in addition to German. I picked Russian, and found myself fascinated by the language, the country, its literature and its culture, especially after spending several months in Russia as part of my degree.

After graduating in 2007 I was keen to return to Russia, and was delighted to be offered a job at English Nursery School as an assistant teacher.

The five years I spent working at ENS were an exciting and inspirational experience. Working with young children gives you a unique opportunity to play an important role in their lives, their education, and their linguistic development. I found it fascinating to watch the children, many of whom started ENS knowing no English, blossoming into confident and articulate English speakers. My greatest joy was helping each child to develop a love of learning.

As a result of the opportunities I had at ENS, I decided that I wanted to make a career in early childhood education, so in 2010 I returned to England to train as a teacher. I studied at Oxford Brookes University, which is very highly regarded for the quality of its teacher training, and was awarded Qualified Teacher Status. I was thrilled to be returning to ENS as a teacher!

I like going to the cinema, reading, take pictures and travelling.


13 years of success

6 branches in Moscow and the Moscow suburbs

Qualified British teachers

Our teachers are highly skilled and experienced educators

Comprehensive child development

music, sports, arts, communication

Fluency in English

Bilinguism from early childhood

Miss Karen

Miss Karen
Miss Karen works in:
English nursery and primary school (ages 2-11)
Street of Pyr`eva, 10a
7 (495) 120-36-41

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+7 495 150 00 77


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