Miss Pauline

Nursery, Teacher


  • University of Lancaster, UK
  • University of Central Lancashire, UK


  • P.G.C.E. (Primary 4-11)
  • B.A. Social Policy and Administration
  • M.A. (Merit) Writing for Children

I was born in the countryside of North-West of England, about 50 kilometres away from the cities of Manchester and Liverpool. I had a wonderful time growing up there. Music was the main focus of our household and I learned to play the piano, recorder, guitar and cornet. I loved my time at primary school and wanted to become a teacher from an early age. One of my favourite games was pretending to be a teacher. I have always enjoyed learning and discovering things and wanted to share my enthusiasm with others.

I worked as an Assistant Teacher when my own children were younger, but worked hard to gain my teaching qualification on a part-time basis. I have now been a teacher for 14 years, teaching in a wide variety of schools, in both the state and private sector in England. I have taught the whole primary range from 2 to 11 years of age, although I prefer to work with younger children as I enjoy the challenge of adapting the topics to suit the individual children’s interests and learning. I worked my way up to being an Assistant Head Teacher and achieved the National Professional Qualification for Headship. However, I decided that I would much rather continue working directly with children than take on a more administrative role.

I felt that I was ready for a new challenge. I found out about teaching opportunities in Moscow, with ENS. I looked at all the information on the website and realised that ENS were very concerned to make sure that as well as the children making good progress and learning, they should also be having fun and enjoying the activities. I believe that children learn best when they feel happy and are encouraged to try new things and so I thought I would fit in very well.

In my free time, I enjoy reading, practising yoga, music and drama. I often send pictures and video clips to my husband and family at home. Soon I hope I will also be speaking some Russian to them.

Miss Pauline

Miss Pauline
Miss Pauline works in:
English nursery and primary school (ages 3-11)
Onegino luxury village, Istrinskiy district
+7 (985) 220 1442

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