Miss Penny

Nursery, Teacher


  • Cornerstone Christian College, Cape town, South Africa
  • Yorkville University, Toronto, Canada


  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
  • Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology

I was born and raised in Durban, South Africa. I come from a close knit family and both my mother and sister are also teachers.

I decided to be a teacher because I have a passion for learning and I love working with young people. Teaching has given me wonderful experiences and opportunities and I am grateful for all the exposure this career has given me.

I completed my first degree in psychology in Cape Town after which I traveled and worked in various countries around Asia. I have lived in South Korea, Canada, Thailand and China and have travelled to many more countries in Asia. I now have my Masters degree in Counselling Psychology which has deepened my understanding of child development and given me effective skills for working with people of all ages and cultures. I have had the privilege of working with many different ages from 3yr old children to adults.

This has given me a broad range of teaching skills and exposure to many different classroom environments. I have taught in several different sectors of education such as elementary home room teacher, special needs assistant, and ESL instructor.  This will be my fifth year at ENS, I started working as an assistant in Nursery and Reception classes. I am looking forward to the many adventures and challenges I will see in the upcoming year. Along with teaching I also like to write and perform on the guitar, garden, travel and paint. I can’t wait to make all my student’s experience the joy of the English Language and ENS.


13 years of success

6 branches in Moscow and the Moscow suburbs

Qualified British teachers

Our teachers are highly skilled and experienced educators

Comprehensive child development

music, sports, arts, communication

Fluency in English

Bilinguism from early childhood

Miss Penny

Miss Penny
Miss Penny works in:
English nursery school (ages 3-6)
4th Dobryninskiy Pereulok, 8
+7 (495) 987 1552

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+7 495 150 00 77

+7 495 989 65 59


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