Miss Svetlana

ESL, Teacher


  • People's Friendship University of Russia


  • Social educator, Diploma with Honours
  • Assistant translator (English)

Moscow is my home town. Thanks to the influence of my parents I enrolled into a school that focused on teaching foreign languages. At first I didn't fully understand the advantages of my education there and wanted to be an archeologist (somewhere deep down I still dream of expeditions and adventures). It would have been silly to lose the languages I had learned at school, so I entered the languages department in my university, with a focus on social teaching.

I was offered to teach a 10 year old child English. I really enjoyed it and did tutoring for 3 years. Simultaneous to this I taught school children English in line with my university practical studies. After that I began working in ENS as an Assistant Teacher. This way I am becoming more and more involved in teaching. I really like it!


13 years of success

6 branches in Moscow and the Moscow suburbs

Qualified British teachers

Our teachers are highly skilled and experienced educators

Comprehensive child development

music, sports, arts, communication

Fluency in English

Bilinguism from early childhood

Miss Svetlana

Miss Svetlana works in:
English nursery and primary schooll (ages 3-11)
Estrinsky district, cottage settlement of "Onegino"
7 (495) 120-36-45

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+7 495 150 00 77


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