Miss Svetlana

Year 2, Teacher Assistant


  • People's Friendship University of Russia


  • Social educator, Diploma with Honours
  • Assistant translator (English)

Moscow is my home town. Thanks to the influence of my parents I enrolled into a school that focused on teaching foreign languages. At first I didn't fully understand the advantages of my education there and wanted to be an archeologist (somewhere deep down I still dream of expeditions and adventures). It would have been silly to lose the languages I had learned at school, so I entered the languages department in my university, with a focus on social teaching.

I was offered to teach a 10 year old child English. I really enjoyed it and did tutoring for 3 years. Simultaneous to this I taught school children English in line with my university practical studies. After that I began working in ENS as an Assistant Teacher. This way I am becoming more and more involved in teaching. I really like it!

Miss Svetlana

Miss Svetlana
Miss Svetlana works in:
English nursery and primary school (ages 3-11)
Onegino luxury village, Istrinskiy district
+7 (985) 220 1442

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