Mr Matt

Reception, Teacher


  • University College Worcester, UK
  • Open University, UK


  • Bachelor of Science in Geography
  • Certificate in Early Years Practice

I was born in Bristol England, where I have spent my whole life, except for my four years at the university of Worcester, where I studied geography, and a year in Canada, when I was part of Interwests Kindergarten programme. I was teaching and mentoring children from the age of 4-11 to ski in the resort of Whistler.

I come from a family of teachers, although in my early adult days, I thought teaching wasn't for me, as my passion for Geography and studying was greater. My mother has been a childminder, for the last 27 years. I have always been around children almost every day of my life. Through this and working for her in holidays and at times of unemployment, I have been a mentor to hundreds of the children through their growing up cycle, being a source of guidance, education and enjoyment.

Also taking up the role of a nanny whilst I completed my masters diploma in 2009, where similar skills were needed. I have also been a part of the Club Scout group for the most part of my adult life, as a leader’s assistant. Again using my character and skills, bringing development and joy to many children's lives. While at the same time installing good morals and values, which they can use themselves in day to day life.

This also overlaps with my love of sport, both watching and participating. I help coach of a local football team, and in the past a local boys rugby team. I have a passion to learn and an ability to interact well with children.I believe I am a good teacher. I am also looking to a gain teaching qualifications whilst I am here in Moscow.

Mr Matt

Mr Matt
Mr Matt works in:
English nursery school (ages 3-5)
street of Obrucheva, 4/3
+7 (495) 936 7296 +7 (916) 234 0560

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