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Miss Arlyn


Laguna State Polytechnic University


Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Pre-Nursery, ассистент преподавателя

I have worked as a nurse for some time in the Philippines but teaching has always been a part of me.

I have been doing tutorials since high school and I have never thought that I would end up working in a nursery school in Russia. This is my fourth year in ENS and I have enjoyed every year working with children of different age group. I love working with children - watching them grow and learn in the classroom, seeing them build friendship and teaching them in a fun way.

Miss Arlyn о себе

ENS Новохорошевский

ENS Новохорошевский

Новохорошевский проезд, 11
+7 (499) 191-24-81; +7 (985) 715-36-67