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Working with ENS

ENS was established in 2004 as a private nursery school in Moscow. We have 13 years’ experience teaching children up to Year 4 in our 6 branches.

Moscow’s demand for high-quality Primary Education has meant we are growing further and opened 4 new branches in September 2014. Classes are ranged from Pre-Nursery to Year 4.

We follow the British Curriculum teaching mostly Russian children; nearly all our teachers are UK graduates with B.Ed or PGCE qualifications. The teaching experience with us is truly an enjoyable one as our teachers each have up to 3 teacher assistants and a local nanny to help in a classroom of 25 children. ENS has an intimate feel and our parents say that ‘it’s not just a school, it’s almost a family’.

We have an individual approach to each child, focusing on his or her intellectual, physical, creative and emotional development. Our school programmes dedicate a lot of time to sports, music and art.

We offer:

  • Highly competitive salary;

  • Annual performance bonus;

  • 7 weeks’ paid holiday throughout the academic year;

  • Furnished accommodation close to school;

  • Emergency medical insurance;

  • Return flight and work permit;

  • Regular training;

  • Continued Professional Development;

  • Constant support from the English-speaking administrative staff as well as help with settling in to Moscow life;

  • Opportunity for extra income with private tuition and extra-curricular clubs.

Welcome to ENS

Welcome to ENS

What our teachers say about working at ENS

Our 6 English Nursery and Primary Schools

ENS nursery and primary schools are the bridgehead of our early childhood bilingualism project. This linguistic endeavour began in our nursery schools and it is with no false modesty that we can happily say that this environment provides superlative conditions for children’s development.

British staff

Our British teachers, tutors and assistants are our main asset and a great source of pride for ENS. It is their teamwork that creates the true 'immersion environment' in all of our English schools and nurseries. The selection process for our leading teachers and assistants is probably as lengthy and extensive as for astronauts on the International Space Centre!

Fluency in English

For children their world might sometimes just be "child’s play" but for ENS that is not how we approach English language tuition. Our English encompasses both living and feeling the language. Full, free ownership of a second language includes all four abilities; listening comprehension, the ability to accurately and emotionally express your ideas in the language and, of course, the ability to read and write.

Comprehensive child development

If you ask any parent how they would like to see their child both now and in the future, nearly all parents, without hesitation, will answer - happy, healthy and successful. However, how you manifest these key attributes of emotional and physical well-being in your child may hold different answers for different parents.


Teaching with us:

  • Superbly-equipped teaching environment; smartboards and tablets in each spacious classroom and generous budgets for materials.

  • More time for focused, one-on-one teaching rather than ‘crowd control’, thanks to teacher assistants and a nanny on hand in each class.

  • We welcome teacher couples, and have gladly seen many of our teaching staff return to us after working in other countries, often bringing along a partner or teaching family member on their return! Our 6 branches will be covering many areas

  • Our 6 branches will be covering many areas of the city, from bustling city centre to relaxing countryside, so everyone can find their perfect place in Moscow. We will try to consider all applicant's branch preferences when confirming placements.

  • Allows freedom to continue teaching the British Curriculum without the pressure of OFSTED.

  • We are an innovative school with dynamic and creative staff. Programmes such as Parent's Week where some of the children's parents were a ‘child for a day’ in an ENS classroom proved to be an absolute hit with everyone. We plan to make it a tradition!

  • Our bet is that Moscow will take your breath away. The sheer amount of history and culture embedded into so much of the city, everywhere you look, will leave you in awe. You will soon see that the cost of living is relatively low, so many of our teachers can comfortably save up to 60% of their salary.

We are offering the following vacancies:

Nursery Teacher
Reception Teacher
Primary Teacher
Assistant Teacher, Nursery-Y4

How to apply

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What does ‘shared accommodation’ mean?
Does ENS have a Dress Code?
It will be my first experience of living in Russia. How do I get to my apartment upon arrival?
Will I get any training on the job?

How to apply

To apply for our vacancies please complete the application form.

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