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Baby Club

English Baby Club is a place where your little one can prepare to attend ENS kindergarten while also taking their first firm steps in mastering English. Baby Clubs have been working successfully at ENS for five years now, and are always popular among children and parents.

How does Baby Club "work"?

Baby Club is a "language immersion environment", just like English kindergarten, but for a relatively short period of time: just 1.5 hours, twice a week. At Baby Club, your little ones will communicate with an English-speaking teacher and teaching assistant and with other parents and children while playing a range of educational games together.

Despite the “tight schedule” of activities, children will not be overstrained either physically or mentally. This is because the whole hour and a half is divided into short 12- to 15-minute segments, spent doing quite different things. The sequence and duration are carefully thought out, flexible, and based on the natural characteristics and needs of the young child's body and mind. The main principle here is that the activities are for the child, not the child for the activities.

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Classic British English

The system at Baby Club is based on the British early years programme – the framework for all ENS education, based on a synthesis of the most modern early development methods.

We have borrowed some games and learning techniques from the Montessori system, such as educational games with water and loose materials. There is nothing better for exercising the hands and fingers than playing with small objects: sand, pasta, beans, etc.

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Makeup of the learning groups

We put together groups of 10-12 people, which is the optimum number of children for learning (taking account of the adults who must be present). For some activities, the groups are divided into two subgroups: younger children aged 1.5-2, and older children aged 2-2.5. The programmes for the subgroups differ accordingly, given the huge difference in the level of development of, for example, fine motor skills between children aged one and a half and two and a half.

Baby Club essentially differs from ENS kindergarten in two main ways:

  • adult relatives of the children have to be present
  • the activities only last 1.5 hours, twice a week

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Activities at Baby Club

As with ENS kindergarten, a professional English-language teacher and teaching assistant are assisted by a nanny, preparing everything necessary for each successive activity and cleaning up after the previous one.

Baby Club has teachers and teaching assistants from ENS kindergartens, and it is highly likely that the teacher your child makes friends with at Baby Club will continue to work with them in the Nursery group when they move on to kindergarten.

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