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20 March 2019

"Mother’s Day" in the ENS Novokhoroshevsoke and ENS Karamyshevskaya branches!

On this day, we invited all of the our beautiful women in our lives to a celebration.

At ENS Novokhoroshevskoe branch, the event was held as a café: a festive tea party with tables, decorated with fruit and freshly-baked pastries! Each group prepared a musical surprise for the guests, with the help of Miss Lana, the music teacher. The children sang songs; some parents even took part in the performance and played musical instruments. There were also workshops where children and adults created bracelets and necklaces from pasta. At the end of the day, all mothers, grandmothers, and aunts were given flowers by the children.

Pupils and guests of the ENS Karamyshevskaya branch did some drawing together, made various crafts, danced and took part in exciting games and competitions. And at the end of the celebration, the children gave their beloved mother postcards made by themselves.It was freindly and fun. And the celebration turned out very warm and in the pure spring mood!