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A message from Director

Dear parents!

English Nursery and Primary School - kindergartens and primary schools, whereeducation and development of the child are based on a bilingual (bilingual) program.

Modern, educated society expects a successful person to be fluent in English, the language ofinternational communication. This will give a person ample opportunity for education, self-education, free communication with colleagues around the world in any field: science,business, creativity. Learning a foreign language is easier at an early age, especially if itbecomes an instrument of learning and knowledge for the child, not only a natural means ofcommunication.

ENS offers its students such opportunity by hiring native English speakers – professionalteachers with University degrees and relevant experience in working with children. Our NativeEnglish-speaking teachers and their assistants provide children with "immersion" in an Englishlanguage and cultural environment.

Mariya Nikolaeva

Director of English Nursery and Primary School chain

Candidate of pedagogics

e-mail: info@englishnursery.ru

A great advantage of our educational programme for our students is that they learn English byreceiving a full British education (EYFS program and British national Curriculum: Key Stage1,2,3) and in parallel, master the English language by using it in the process of studying othersubjects.

The integral Russian-language component of our programme (both during preparation forschool and in primary school), allows children to integrate into the Russian educational systemeasily and at any stage of education, if necessary. Additionally, ENS professionals take care tosafeguard the bilingual child from a biased attitude to their so-called interferential mistakes –an inevitable consequence of the two languages influencing each other, by developing a uniquemethod of preventing such language difficulties.

Active communication and learning in a bilingual environment develop the child's ability tonavigate in a modern, multicultural space freely. Additionally, it gives the child a reliable basisfor further education in English and in Russian. Scientific research confirms that a child'sknowledge of two or more languages is a catalyst for his or her intellectual development.

Children who master bilingual educational programmes demonstrate higher rates of attention,perception, thinking, and memory than children who study in standard, monolingualeducational programs. In the process of communication and learning, bilinguals manifest suchfeatures as the ability to use complex analytical strategies in solving problems, the flexibility ofthinking, metalinguistic awareness, communicative flair, as well as further benefits.

English Nursery and Primary School creates conditions for the balanced development ofchildren, allowing them to attend a variety of additional classes. Art, music, chess,choreography, sports, mathematics, or other foreign languages can become a real hobby foryour child!

Welcome to ENS!