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Академия сценического искусства Helen O'Grady

Who are we?

Helen O'Grady is the best-known English-language stage and acting academy in the world, with a unique educational programme for the personal development of children aged 3 to 17.

The programme helps children gain self-confidence; master and improve socio-communicative, cognitive, artistic and aesthetic, physical and speech abilities; and gain invaluable communication skills that will be useful throughout life. The programme is designed to improve English proficiency and speech and body language development. All lessons are in a non-competitive environment, because every child is talented! We do not have leading and supporting roles: everyone participates, and everyone is involved for every minute of the lesson! No lesson is repeated! Each lesson is an exciting adventure that takes place in a single breath, and brings lots of positive emotions! It is no surprise that children love attending classes for many years.

You will notice positive changes in your child within the first weeks of lessons, and you will probably discover your child from a new perspective in the first show at the end of term!

The Helen O'Grady story

The Academy was founded in 1979 in Perth in Australia, by the acting coach, actor, and television personality Helen O'Grady. The company now has a 37-year history and implements a unique educational programme in 42 countries of the world, including Japan, Singapore, Australia, the USA, Canada, China, Ireland, and England.

Targets and goals

After a few weeks, the children:

  • learn to speak and move confidently
  • enrich their vocabulary
  • improve their listening skills
  • raise their self-esteem
  • learn to participate in discussions on various topics
  • become more purposeful
  • develop a sense of responsibility
  • improve their English
  • try different images on
  • learn to play different roles
  • participate in teamwork
  • make new friends

Why choose us?

  • all classes are conducted in English without translation
  • native English-speaking teachers with higher education qualifications in the performing arts
  • a new teaching programme with a new theme is developed for each age group every academic year
  • no lesson is ever repeated
  • all classes are designed taking into account children's psychological and age characteristics
  • the lessons are attractive and interesting, and children attend them with great pleasure and enthusiasm
  • all lessons are taught dynamically in a positive atmosphere with no monotonous instructions and boredom: our teachers understand that children are all individuals, and find the right approach for each child
  • children invite parents and friends to a theatre show in the middle and at the end of the school year

Lesson structure

  • language and speech development
  • movement on stage to music
  • costume dramas
  • dialogue improvisation

A structured educational programme has been worked out for children aged 3 to 17: 
Kindy Drama – age 3-5 
Lower Primary – age 5-8 
Upper Primary – age 9-12 
Youth Theater – age 12-16