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Miss Olga


University of Chemical Technology, Russia



In 2008 I have started working with children of different age groups as a dance teacher. I have also been leading varios extra classes after school classes in international schools since then: origami, clay crafts, soap making, cooking club, clapping games, adventure club, team games, softball and homework club, as well as Irish dance classes.

As a teaching assistant I started working in 2013 and developed a great passion for being an educator. I have experience in ESOL and Special education and worked with children aged 4 to 15. I was very lucky (and I still am!) to be able to learn from experienced teachers with various teaching styles and I am excited to be a part of ENS team.

I always try to engage students into a learning process, encourage them to be initiative, make learning fun and interesting. Every child is unique and I always try to find a personal approach to each of my students, be thoughtful and flexible. Moreover, after I have become a parent myself, I got convinced again how important it is to make school a place with a comfortable and friendly atmosphere where your child would be excited to spend a day. I believe that it is a part of an assistant's job to make it happen. My hobbies include all types dancing, of course, baking, theatre and outdoor activities!

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