Mr Daniel


The University of Notre Dame, Australia


  • Graduate Diploma of Education;
  • Graduated Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science

I was born in Pert in West Australia, where I grew up and obtained my education. I have always been keen on sports, therefore I first chose to get a BA degree in Sports at Notre Dam University in Fremantle. After obtaining my BA degree, I spent some time travelling across North America before I decided to continue my education in Notre Dam University. But this time I wanted to gain an Educational diploma and then become a teacher in Sports, which would enable me to do what I love: exercising, being outside and working with children. The following three years I worked as a teacher in Pert and from time to time travelled to Europe, Asia and Africa until I met my fiancée and moved to Grenoble (France). There during a year I worked as a tutor giving English lessons for French bilingual children. I am very excited and happy to become a part of ENS team!

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