Miss Janine

Year 1 Teacher


Manchester Metropolitan University 


Bachelor of Education Honours Degree

Miss Janine about herself

I was born in Northern Ireland and moved to London with my family when I was five years old. I had always wanted to become a teacher like my Mum and followed in her footsteps by graduating with a Bachelor of Education Honours degree specializing in Drama. My teaching career began in 1994 teaching early years’ children. I have worked in the state sector but predominantly the Private sector over the last 25 years. My roles have included class teacher from Nursery to Year 6, Head of Early Years, Special Educational Needs Coordinator and most recently Deputy Head Teacher. I am passionate about inclusion and believe every child can excel given the right teacher and the right environment. My experience has given me the opportunity to teach children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, ADHD, GDD and MLD. I have a very sunny disposition and try to reflect this in my classroom environment. I use lots of drama and interactive resources to enable children to gain a greater understanding. I have a passion for travel and have wanted to teach abroad for many years. I am very happy to be working at ENS Onegino and beginning my new life in Moscow. 

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