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Miss Rita

Floating Teacher Assistant


Belgorod State University


Foreign Language Teacher - Bachelor's DegreeMaster's Degree in Philology

Miss Rita about herself

When I was a pupil, I dreamed of becoming a teacher because I always looked with admiration at my parents, who are also teachers.They have extensive experience of teaching and they are true professionals in their work.After school I enrolled to university and graduated with Honours. During my education I worked as a teacher in a private children's center. Then I worked at the university as an International students specialist. I had a great amount of work experience that gave me lots of practical knowledge of working with children and students. I continue to develop and improve my skills of methodology of foreign language teaching. It helps me to make my lessons more interesting and diverse. I love to work with children so much. And I'm very pleased to be part of such great team of professionals at ENS.

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