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Miss Anastasya

Year 2 Teacher Assistant


Krasnodar State Universiry of Culture and Arts



Miss Anastasya about herself

My passion for languages was discovered at a very early age when I began learning English and German. During my studies at higher education I began travelling; my first international role was at a children’s summer camp in Germany. It inspired me to find an internship that brought me to the Czech Republic, where I worked in preschool and afterschool club with children between 3 and 16 years old. After that my passion to develop and sharpen my English skills led me to England, where I have been living and working for over a year. I became a support worker for adults with learning difficulties. This broadened my horizons and helped my English language skills progress to a fluent standard. In early 2018, I took a big step and moved to Southern China, to become a lead teacher in an early childhood language and exercise education center. This was an interesting experience and inspired me to continue to teach English in my home country. I applied to work with ENS and I am very excited to be working as part of amazing international team of teachers here at ENS, it makes me feel happy and so proud of my job, also seeing children grow and develop their skills is a great inspiration for me!

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