Miss Gulshat

Reception, ассистент преподавателя


Bashkiria State Pedagogical University, Russia


English Teacher

I think my career had been in a way determined already, because my mother, sister and brother were already teachers and they were working at school. But being a child I dreamt to be able to speak English and become a translator and travel around the world. When I was 20 for the first time in my life I took a journey to the USA for summer camp experience with children. It was very exciting and a good opportunity to improve my English.

After coming back and graduation I worked as a teacher in Bashkir-American Intercollege. Also I got experience as a translator. Meantime, I kept travelling too, again to the USA, Turkey and France. The last three years I have been continuously working with children of 4-7 years old teaching them English. I felt great satisfaction seeing their great progress and will to learn the languages and develop. So I have found that is more appealing to me to work with young learners rather than adults.

A few years ago, I got very much interested in yoga and well-being methods that I have started learning in French university. And there as well I learned yoga for children, which elements I try to implement in my work to develop their concentration skills and showing the ways to relax and feel themselves. So at the moment I feel very content working in ENS and support children’s educational process and their development in general.

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