Miss Hazel

EYFS, преподаватель


Aberdeen University, UK


Bachelor of Education (Hons) Teaching
Teachers Cert Swimming, Scottish Swimming Assoc
Food Hygiene Cert, CIEH
Health and Safety Cert, CIEH
Paediatric First Aid, Devon Childminders Assoc

My name is Hazel and I come from Plymouth in the southwest of England.  I first became interested in how children learn after I had my own two daughters and so I went to university to take a BEd degree in teaching. Studying child development and training to teach was the best decision I ever made and I have never stopped being excited by, and being in awe of, the way children learn.  I aim to always pass this back to the children in my care by maintaining their excitement to learn about the world around them.  I have been a teacher for about 25 years and I have taught in nursery, infant, primary and secondary schools.  I have cared for babies from new born and have also taught English to adults, and so I have enjoyed working with all age groups.  However, my main love has always been working with infants and juniors and emergent literacy and numeracy have remained my abiding interests. 


After working for more than 8 years as a governess in Moscow, I feel I have probably learned as much about family life in Russia as the children in my care have learned about English! It has been a wonderful experience and I have enjoyed living in Moscow very much.  I did some temporary work with ENS in the spring of 2018 and I enjoyed it so much that I took up a teaching post at Azarovo in September 2018 and I am now looking forward to being part of the ENS team.


In my spare time I like to read, to get out and about and meet up with friends, to go walking or exploring Moscow.  My main hobby has always been dancing and all my life I have enjoyed dancing in one form or another; from ballet, tap and contemporary when I was younger, to modern jive and Scottish country dancing more recently.  Even here in Moscow, there is a Scottish country dancing class which I attend.  I enjoy all sorts of different pursuits:  I have played side-drum in a marching band; I used to practise Shotokan karate and was very close to becoming a “black belt”; I have done some tandem parachuting and paragliding and I still enjoy skiing occasionally.  My elder daughter recently took me white water rafting in New Zealand but I didn’t quite manage a bungee jump!  I love any sort of creative activity and I also enjoy cooking with children.

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