Miss Lina

EYFS 2, ассистент преподавателя


University of Louisville, USA


Bachelor's Degree in Psychology

Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology

I grew upin a small Russian city, Pskov. Starting from primary school I was veryinterested in foreign languages. Later in high school and in the beginning ofmy university years I was fortunate to travel around Europe where I practicedmy English skills and became acquainted with other cultures. Traveling hasbecome one of my early passions. I began my studies at Pskov State University,where I was pursuing a teaching degree in foreign languages (English - German).However, as I was heavily involved in athletics, it was very difficult for meto continue to pursue the degree and compete at a high level.  Eventually, I was lucky to be offered anathletic scholarship at the University of Louisville, USA. 

At theUniversity of Louisville I was able to receive education and participate in thesport of rowing at a very competitive level. I spent nearly 7 years in the USAand very thankful for the experience that I had. At the U of L I was able toswitch my majors and began to pursue psychology instead. After I received mymaster's degree in psychology I began my work with children as a psychologist.However, life circumstances called me to move back to my homeland.

As Ireturned to Russia I started working as an English tutor and got more and moreinvolved in teaching. I began my work with ENS as a support teacher and laterbecame an assistant teacher. The way the lead teacher approached education of theyoung children was eye - opening for me. I learned how to educate childrenthrough play, how to interact with them in learning moments and how to expandalready existing knowledge. This approach was very different from traditionalschooling and I became more and more interested in teaching primary years. Ienjoy working with children, I see natural curiosity in their eyes and itchallenges me to keep it sparkling.

My personalinterests include spending time with family and friends, traveling, cooking. Ialso enjoy spending time outside and doing all kinds of sports, but mostlyrunning. 

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