Miss Natalia

EYFS 3, ассистент преподавателя


Moscow State Pedagogical University, Russia


Teacher in English and Geography

I had my first English lesson on the plane at the age of 6. That time I learned only “yes” and “no”. But since that moment the English language has had an important part to play in my life. Part of my childhood I spent in USA, where I was immersed in the English language environment and I got to know with new culture. I studied hard this language at school as well.


During my study at Moscow State Pedagogical University I started to work as a tutor, teaching primary school-age children the English language. After graduation I worked in several international companies where the English language was the crucial knowledge in corporate communication. My experience includes 7 months of work in London as well. 


After the birth of my son I decided to get back to work with children and to development of my pedagogical skills. And I’m glad to be the part of such professional team at ENS.

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