Miss Terri

Reception, преподаватель


University of Teesside, UK


  • BA Honors degree in Early Childhood Studies
  • Post Graduate of Education in Early Years

I am pride of myself in being a creative teacher who is passionate about making learning fun and imaginative. I believe strongly in nurturing the all round development of a child. Only until a child feels happy and settled in a classroom and gains a sense of trust and security will their learning be able to reach their full potential.

I seek to promote a love of learning and develop children’s curiosity. I have responsibility and a role in the creating of an engaging and responsive culture of learners and presenting them with exhilarating and interesting learning opportunities. I am passionate to make learning fun, enjoyable and as educationally rich as possible.

I have taught in the UK, Italy, China and Bangkok from Reception up to Year 2. I have also worked as learning support assistant in a Special Educational needs school. 

I am very excited to continue my career and my travelling experiences in Russia. 

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ENS Карамышевская

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