Поступление в филиалы ENS Азарово и ENS Карамышевская с 1 по 31 мая 2019 года БЕЗ оплаты вступительного взноса.
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Miss Brenda

ENS Karamyshevskaya Head of the Campus


University of Pennsylvania- BA Politics

University of Reading- PGDip Applied Linguistics

University of Chichester – PGDip- Education

Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) in England and Wales



Over 15 years of teaching experience, including 5 years in senior leadership

I have always been passionate about both children and education so teaching was a natural career choice. After 15 years of teaching in England I wanted a new adventure and challenge. I had worked in Russia for 5 years after leaving university in the mid-1990s so Moscow was a natural choice. When looking for jobs, I soon realized that ENS was a perfect fit for me as it puts children’s development and learning needs at the heart of the school while equipping children for success in our every increasingly international world.

I am proud to be a part of the stimulating and caring environment focused on the whole-child that we have developed at ENS Karamyshevskya, an environment that results in happy, resilient well-educated bi-lingual children. We welcome you come and visit us and see for yourself

Miss Brenda о себе

ENS Карамышевская

ENS Карамышевская

Карамышевская набережная, 10/2
+7 (917) 510-26-89; +7 (499) 191-45-83