Miss Suzanne

Nursery Teacher


Kingston University, UK


Bachelor of Arts with Honours First Class in Child Centred Interprofessional Practice
My name is Suzanne Cousier and I am from London, England. I graduated from Kingston University with a first class honors degree in Child Centred Interprofessional Practice following many years of working as a Nursery Nurse. As part of my continual professional development, I undertook an adult teaching qualification and an Early Years Professional Status which led me to a role in which I advised and supported schools to develop their classrooms for young children. Early Years Teaching has given me the opportunity to work in some fabulous countries, such as England, Canada and Brazil. I have a passion for teaching and ensuring the youngest students have the best possible start to their academic career. This includes providing a nurturing and stimulating learning environment, for young children to have fun learning about themselves, each other and the world around them.

In my free time, I enjoy cycling, walking, reading and exploring new places. I am looking forward to exploring Russia and learning a new language!

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