Mr Damian

Year 5, ассистент преподавателя


City of Wolverhampton College, UK 


Sports and Recreation NCFE Coaching Level 2

I am from a little city in England called Wolverhampton. I have been working in education since 2002 and have coached for a little longer. I delivered lessons at City of Wolverhampton College to inner city youths in a programme that aimed to help them get exam qualifications to secure employment or further college courses.

I have also worked for a variety of training providers where I taught Functional Skills English until 2014 when I started working in a Pupil Referral Unit in Wolverhampton. This helped me to hone my skills of working with a multitude of young personalities.

I have a great passion for sports and played basketball for my college, being coached by Clive Allen who is a BBL legend and NBA participant. I played hockey briefly for Old Wolves and football for many clubs.

I am a strong believer in a firm but fair approach with learners. Discipline and consistency are at the forefront of any new class I take, however, soon enough, the consistency pays off and the focus can be better aimed at learning new skills such as academic, physical and social interaction, the majority of which are with eager participation. I look forward to sharing these skills at ENS.

I enjoy playing most sports, reading, writing, being artistic, trying to learn new languages and exploring new places. I believe it is vital to have quality time for self-reflection in order to benefit from the events of the day.

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