Mr Darren

Floating Teacher


Laurentian University, Canada 


Bachelor of Education Primary, BA Psychology 

I am from a relatively small city just north of Toronto, Canada. While growing up in Canada, I developed an interest in education from having seen my mother teach in a Nursery school, as well as working at many summer camps. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology specializing in child developmental disciplines. Then, I pursued a Bachelor of Education at the Primary level (Year 1 - Year 6). 

Upon completion of my Bachelor degrees I decided to come to Moscow because of my love of travelling and fascination with different cultures. I have worked as a governor in Moscow for a few years now but am looking forward to being back in a school environment. I believe in the importance of a well- rounded child and also children having positive role models to look up to. In my spare time I enjoy cycling, playing football and playing guitar. I have played football and hockey at high levels in my youth. 

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