Mr Jeremy

Year 2, преподаватель


  • UCL Institute of Education, London, UK;
  • Univeristy of London, UK;
  • University of Sheffield, UK


  • Post Graduate Certificate of Education - Primary (PGCE);
  • MA in Drama;
  • BA Hispanic Studies (Modern Foreign Languages);)

I was born in Athens, I am half Greek half English.  I grew up in the Northwest of England, pursued further education in Yorkshire and after that I lived, studied and worked in London for 9 years. I am a big fan of music, art, films, sports and the outdoors.  I chose to become a teacher as my mother was a primary school teacher for her entire career and I used to enjoy visiting her at her school. Here I began to help children to learn and to give them the best possible opportunities and to teach them lifelong skills. I love learning and I believe education is extremely important in order to challenge and improve oneself.

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