Mr Peter

EYFS Teacher Assistant


Queen’s University, Belfast


English ‘BA Hons Degree

Completed a 120 hours TEFL certificate

I have recently completed six years of teaching English as a foreign language in South Korea. The first three years of employment were spent with two separate private academies. It was here that I learned to teach. My students ranged in age from three years old to University level. I often created my own workbooks, arts and crafts, games, marked diaries and helped with event days for my students. I believe it was my experience and energy that led me into the Public School system, where I stayed for my remaining time in Korea. During these years I was responsible for my own classes; making new activities and games for my students; preparing students for speaking tests and becoming proficient in Powerpoint (PPT) presentations and games. I was also entirely responsible for my own private students’ learning; supplying them with books and materials. My teaching philosophy is simple and effective. While I work hard to ensure I have material to teach my students, I also believe in being friendly and approachable. Being able to build good relationships with my students allows them to overcome the initial fear of speaking a new language. In a sense, I try to get them to want to communicate with me and please me with their results and ability.

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