Miss Darya

EYFS Teacher Assistant


Moscow State University of Printing Arts 

Moscow State Pedagogical University 


Teacher of English language

Miss Darya about herself

For the last 8 years my life was connected to working with kids one way or the other: I tutored school students (helped them with their English lessons), took up an internship in Cambodia (I participated in the local project of Khmer for Khmer organization that offered education to kids in rural areas), took care of kids from 3 to 8 years old in an international preschool environment (assisted teacher with all the scheduled activities, organized story time, helped to prepare kids for concerts, hosted different educational and extracurricular activities).

A couple of years ago I decided to dedicate my professional life to working with kids, so I went through multiple retraining programs and gained the necessary knowledge, that forms basis for my work today.

I believe that right educational environment shapes bright minds of our future. I also believe that imagination which goes along with “superpowers” (being able to read, write and count), will give kids all the opportunities they need. I try to always do my best with implementing those beliefs in my work.

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