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Working with ENS

English Nursery and Primary School in Moscow is looking for experienced and qualified Teachers and Assistant Teachers to commence work in late August, 2019. This is an excellent opportunity for an outstanding and creative teacher who is flexible, calm, adaptable, patient, takes initiative, independent and strives for good teamwork, provide professional expertise, and high-quality teaching and learning.

ENS was established in 2004 as a private nursery school in Moscow. We have 15 years' experience teaching children in our 6 campuses where classes range from Nursery to Year 6. We follow the British Curriculum teaching mostly Russian children. The teaching experience with us is truly an enjoyable one as our teachers each have up to 3 Assistant Teachers to help in a classroom of up to 25 children. Within the school day children have separate lessons with music, movement and sport specialist teachers.

We have an individual approach to each child. We are concerned with the child's holistic development with particular emphasis on their language skills.

What teachers say about working at ENS


Teaching with us:

  • Superbly-equipped teaching environment; smartboards and tablets in each spacious classroom and generousbudgets for materials.

  • More time for focused, one-on-one teaching rather than ‘crowd control’, thanks to teacher assistantsand a nanny on hand in each class.

  • We welcome teacher couples, and have gladly seen many of our teaching staff return to us after workingin other countries, often bringing along a partneror teaching family member on their return!Our 6 branches will be covering many areas

  • Our 6 branches will be covering many areasof the city, from bustling city centre to relaxing countryside, so everyone can find their perfect placein Moscow. We will try to consider all applicant's branch preferences when confirming placements.

  • Allows freedom to continue teaching the British Curriculum without the pressure of OFSTED.

  • We are an innovative school with dynamic and creative staff. Programmes such as Parent's Week where someof the children's parents were a ‘childfor a day’ in an ENS classroom proved to bean absolute hit with everyone. We plan to make ita tradition!

  • Our bet is that Moscow will take your breath away. The sheer amount of history and culture embedded intoso much of the city, everywhere you look, will leave you in awe. You will soon see that the costof living is relatively low, so many of our teacherscan comfortably save up to 60% of their salary.

We are offering the following vacancies:

EYFS and Primary School Teachers
EYFS and Primary School Assistant Teachers
Drama Teacher

How to apply

To apply for our vacancies please complete the application form.

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